A platform for legal, real-money video game tournaments

Versus works with video game developers and publishers to provide real-money tournaments to their players. We’ve developed and filed patents around our technology platform and Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be integrated into skill-based games so that players can compete in “Versus mode” against their friends, and with the entire online community for real money. Versus improves engagement with players, and creates new, recurring revenue paths for every game on the platform.

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Build Engagement & Making Games More Fun

Versus allows publishers to monetize every game in their portfolio, from archive games to single player, to their current massive multiplayer and MOBA releases, every time players get together to play games in versus mode, games are more fun, and everyone wins.

Beginning with the PC market and console markets and moving into console and mobile, Versus' patent-pending system will immediately be a part of a $25 billion annual market for PC games that grew over 14% in 2013. Versus will also capture a portion of the online gambling market estimated at $30 billion annually. And with a product roadmap that includes consoles and mobile, Versus is poised to be an integral part of every gaming platform.

Not just an API

Versus is not a plug-and-play solution. We work with developers and publishers every step of the way to verify that every game on the platform is a game of skill and every real money tournament has the best opportunity to be considered legal in the jurisdictions where we make it available.

For every community

Versus works for every demographic. According to the Entertainment Software Association, over 45% of active US gamers in 2013 were women, and almost 70% were over 18, including 36% over age 35. Research suggests that there are over 90 million gamers in the US alone that are eligible by age and state of residence for real-money video game tournaments, and according to Mintel, at least 25% of that number are eager to play for real money. And because the Versus platform is integrated at the developer level, the Versus interface can have a different skin for every game regardless of the target audience.

Pay to Play

Versus is a pay-to-play tournament platform. There is no pari-mutual betting - in fact, there’s no "betting" of any kind - just pay-to-play tournaments where entry fees and prizes are known to all involved.

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Versus Team

  • Matthew Pierce
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brandii Grace
    Founder, Chief Creative Officer
  • Originate Labs
    Investor and Partner

Strategic Advisors

  • Jeff Scheinrock
  • Richard Morganstern
  • Rob Meadows